General questions
Account registration on Aiki is required if you will be offering or requesting for a service rendered. This ensures a valid communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions.
You can register to the aiki app as a client by downloading the app and follow te registration instructions on the app. Kindly note that the mode of registration as an partner is abit different from that of a client.
An Aiki partner is any person willing to render a service on the Aiki app Clients and has successfully registered as a partner.
A partner can offer any of our listed services on the hompage of this website here
No, Services rendered on Aiki are paid services.This is how our partners make their money.
All services are paid using the local currency of the aiki App's Host country.
All services on Aiki are prepaid and strictly Debit card based as we target a cashless soceity.
Clients are free to file for dispute payments on completing the transaction on the Aiki app,which prevents the partner from getting paid until the dispute is resolved.Resolution will depend if client is refunded or the partner gets paid based on the findings of our investigations.Kindly note that dispute resolution and refunds takes 5 working days.
Refunds for Services not render due to a correctly filed dispute are made within 3-5 working days after dispute resolution.
Any registed user, who completes the partner registration process and requirements can offer their service on Aiki.Please note that services rendered are the services listed on the Aiki roster..
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  1. Download the aiki app on googleplay store Click here (IOS app coming soon).
  2. Accept the user agreement.
  3. Register on the mobile app.
  4. Verify your account from your email to get access to the application.
  5. Login to the aiki app after email verification.
  6. Go to profile on the aiki app.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the app to see the Be an Agent button
  8. Click the button and follow the registration procdure
Here, at Aiki, we offer a great rate for each partner, regardless of any restrictions, such as volume, date of entry, etc.
There are a number of reasons why you should join us:
  • You earn money from your skill.
  • Ease to start offering your services without the need for an office,shop or market place.
  • You only work when you feel like,therefore making you your own boss.
  • Fast response/approval times for withdrawals which are immediate.
  • We are not an exclusive marketplace. This means that you can offer your services on Aiki, as well as on any other marketplace and thus increase your earning potential.
We pay to your bank directly using electronic transfer. This secure platform ensures timely payments and a secure environment.
Our standard payment plan provides for payments as requested as soon as your balances exceeds the 5000 NGN mark, all accumulated funds are transfered to your account as requested. The minimum amount of your balance should be at least 5000 NGN.
Getting a haircut on Aiki is really simple:
  • download the Aiki App on your phone.
  • Launch the aplication, select the service you want and then pick an partner nearby you.
  • Kindly note that only debit card users are allowed to request for an partner on the app due to card prepaid service.
On Aiki payments are in 3 stages which are pre-deduction and when a task is completed by the client.The 2nd phase of payments occurs when the aiki partner is paid.In a case of dispute payments,an investigation is made and the outcome determines if either client or partner is funded respectively.
On aiki Dispute are made within 3-5 working days after dispute resolution.
aiki is currently on the Android OS ,but development are on-going for the IOS version .